Portman Holdings

the developer

Portman Holdings (Portman) is a commercial real estate development company with a long history of creating value through world-class real estate projects, specializing in mixed-use, office and hotel properties. Since the 1950s, Portman has taken a full-service approach to the development process, resulting in more than 60 million square feet of premium real estate located around the world. The firm’s unique expertise in ownership and in all phases of the development process, from design through ongoing management and exit, allow teams to produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns through [unique] contributions to the built environment.

John Portman & Associates

architect + interiors

John Portman & Associates (Portman) is an internationally renowned architectural design firm with offices in Atlanta and Shanghai. Established in 1953, Portman has more than 60 years of experience in designing mixed-use urban developments, hotels, office buildings, multi-unit residential complexes and exhibition centers. Portman projects can be seen in more than 60 cities worldwide. The firm’s architecture transcends national borders by striving for universal human appeal, enhancing the environment for users and providing a sound investment for owners and operators.