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7 Of The Most-Anticipated Atlanta Projects Opening In 2019

Coda could be described as ground zero for Georgia Tech’s infiltration into Midtown. Ever since the university announced with developer Portman Holdings that it planned to occupy half of what is described as a high-performance computing tower, Midtown has become the hottest market for office development. The $375M tower is the crown jewel in what has become a high-tech corridor in Atlanta, complete with a major data center.


Midtown’s hyped-up Coda begins ascent above West Peachtree Street

Construction of Coda, one of the largest current projects in the southern stretches of Midtown, is beginning to make an impact on the streetscape near Tech Square. A visit to the site shows that work has progressed to the fifth floor of the project, changing the character of West Peachtree Street between Armstead Place and 4th Street.

SOURCE: Curbed Atlanta

CODA hits rock bottom in Midtown as excavation wraps up

Midtown construction has hit a new low, as excavation for Georgia Tech’s new high-powered computing center, CODA, is bottoming out. An official celebration is planned today to mark the completion of downward work and the beginning of vertical construction on the site.

SOURCE: Curbed Atlanta